Supporters so far

  • Large support was granted to this project by Stadtdienst Integration of the township of Solingen,, by offering financial means obtained by the aid program of the county of North Rhine- Westphalia (“NRW is staying together”) and the Federal German Government (“Live democracy”) and their translation service enabled a great part of all translations.
  • Translations have also been done by private persons.
  • The Psychosocial Center for Refugees Düsseldorf (PSZ), assisted with NaWa -text and audio data.
  • Michaela Huber, together with the publishing house Junfermann Verlag GmbH, Paderborn, provided us with text material and audio-data „The Inner Garden“, „The Cleansing Bath“ and “Emotional Awareness” out of her book „The Inner Garden ( German issue ISBN: 978-3-87387-582-1).
  • The educationalist Susanne Stein, offered the trauma picture book for children.
  • Certified Psychologist Sabine Koch, wrote “Container Exercise”, “Session of Light” and the exercises “Taking up contact with Inner Strength“ as well as further information material.
  • The website is being established by the Agency for Online Marketing „parallaxis“
  • Responsible for the contents of this website: Dr. Birgit Kracke, Specialist for Psychiatry/ Psychotherapy, Solingen
    E-mail: praxisdr-birgit-kracke.LÖ