Information for refugees

As you are interested in this website, you will likely have gone through great hardships in recent times. You may have been forced to leave your country, you may have lost relatives or had to endure bodily pain. You may now have found a relatively sheltered place where you can find some rest. And maybe, your soul gives you a signal asking one of the following questions:

  • How can I go on living with my worries / my memories of the stressful events?
  • How can I go on living with current news from my home country?
  • How can I go on living being homesick and longing for those that had to stay behind?

How this website can be of help to refugees

The content provided on this website may help you to better understand your emotional reaction to the high stress levels you have been experiencing. It offers practical immediate help and may help you bridge the time until you can start a professional therapy, if needed.

Support for helpers

As you are interested in this website, you will likely be in contact with refugees or traumatized people. Perhaps you require further information in order to be able to help:

  • What do I have to expect when dealing with people who have suffered from such severe emotional distress?
  • How can I help?
  • What can I do wrong?
  • Which aspects do I have to consider with regard to self-care?

You will be given information on psychological traumatization, its causes, symptoms and possible help. At the same time, you will be offered information on self-care to stay emotionally healthy yourself.