by Susanne Stein,

The Child and the Liberation from the Shadow of the Terrible Big Fear

The trauma picture book is designed to make a difficult topic understandable: A child experiences a frightening situation caused by war. This „Shadow of the Fear“ keeps haunting the child, although the terrifying situation could already belong to a very distant past.

The book may help children, parents and their helpers to understand the invisible and, at the same time, life-restricting burden of this fear.  It reveals what the child needs right now: practical help in everyday life, comforting messages from its parents and perhaps a way to enter therapy.

The book is the result of personal contact to refugee families and of concern for their fate. Prior to its publication the picture book was kindly proof-read by two trauma therapists of the Children for Tomorrow Foundation at the University Medical Center at Hamburg-Eppendorf.

As a family you can read the trauma-picture-book in the internet, print it out, view it together with your children and use the drawing templates. You can also pass it on to your friends. Parents will find further information on page 37 of the picture-book.

As a helper you can either print out the picture-book for free or simply pass on the link making it accessible to refugee families, your friends, teachers, nursery school teachers or voluntary helpers. It may also be used as a presentation in advanced training as well as for parent/children counselling at nursery schools or schools.

Since the picture-book was originally designed to be used in families, please observe the information provided in FAQs which are helpful and important for helpers who do not have a training in trauma therapy.

The FAQs will also deal with a short history of this picture-book.

Information on how to care for traumatized children